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Lights, Lights and more Lights

Group 6/Pd 2-B

How well do you know your stage lighting terminology? Use the following puzzle to see how "bright" you really are!

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3.controls that change the level of lighting intensity
5.when two spotlights are placed on opposite sides of the stage ar a 45 degree angle to minimize shadows on actors face
6.a spotlight with a elliposidal reflector, usually hung from the auditorium ceiling to light downstage acting areas; also called a lelco
9.transparent color sheets inserted into a frame in front of a spotlight or floodlight
11.lights that illuminate broad areas of the stage
12.a generic term for several types of lighting instruments
14.colored glass disks used in border lights
15.a visual effect in which actors create a picture by standing in a frozen position
1.long, narrow, metal enclosures that house a row of lamps and reflectors; also called strip lights (2 Words)
2.known as floodlights
4.spotlights that produce strong beams of light that follow an actor onstage
7.an accessory for fresnel lighting instruments that houses moveable flaps to control the light beam (2 Words)
8.a horizontal pipe suspended over the stage from which scenery, lights or curtains are hung; also called a rail
10.light leakage from stage lights
11.a spotlight with a step-lens that throws an efficient and soft beam, usually hung from the teaser batten to light upstage areas
13.a template of thin metal inserted into an elliposidal reflector spotlight to create a light pattern on stage

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