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Role of the Brain

Jim Burrell

VCE revision of the Brain and Nervous System

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8.Nerve cells linking sensory and motor neurons
11.Major fissure dividing the hemispheres
12.The connection including the gap between neurons
14.Also known as a motor neuron
15.Peripheral Nervous System
16.The folded outer layer of the brain about 2 - 5 mm deep
18.Connects the hindbrain and the forebrain
19.The structure of the brain that regulates eating, sleeping and sexual activity
20.The number of lobes in the brain
1.Name of the sheath like layer of insulation around an axon
2.This nervous system conveys sensory information to the CNS and/or the muscles
3.Branch like extension of a neuron
4.This nervous system restores homeostasis
5.The nervous system that controls flight and or fight
6.A neuron conducting impulses towards the brain or spinal cord
7.This nervous system connects the CNS to intenal organs to automatically regulate the body
9.The bundle of nerves connecting the two hemispheres of the brain
10.Consists of the brain and the spinal column
13.Contains the cortex thalmus and is important for higher order functions
17.The sensory relay station which also controls automatic functions

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