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1 2      
3             4 5      
8     9 10  
  12 13        
        15       16

2.Fourth planet from the sun, called "The Red Planet"
3.Eighth planet from the sun, a gas giant
4.No longer a planet
6.When you see the entire moon
11.Seventh planet from the sun, a gas giant
14.When the moon blocks out the sun, it is called this
15.What surround Saturn
18.The rotation of Earth around the sun causes these
19.Sixth planet from the sun, a gas giant
1.When you see no moon
2.Satellites around planets
5.When the moon passes through the Earth's shadow
7.Second planet from the sun
8.The belt between the fourth and fifth planets is made up of these
9.Fifth planet from the sun, a gas giant
10.Third planet from the sun
12.Dark spots on the sun
13.Closest planet to the sun
16.Our star
17.The Moon causes these on Earth

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