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Chapter 1

Michelle Reed

Ciccarelli & White (2009)

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1.the scientific study of behavior and mental processes
7.in research, repeating a study or experiment to see if the same results will be obtained in an effort to demonstrate reliability of results
8.tentative explanation of a phenomenon based on observations
12.study in which the subjects do not know if they are in the experimental or the control group
14.the process of examining and measuring one's own thoughts and mental activities
16.subjects in an experiment who are subjected to the independent variable
17.a measure of the relationship between two variables
18.a social worker with some training in therapy methods who focuses on the environmental conditions that can have an impact on mental disorders
19.perspective that focuses on the biological bases of universal mental characteristics that all humans share
21.early perspective in psychology associated with Wilhelm Wundt and Edward Titchener, in which the focus of study in the structure or basic elements of the mind
22.tendency of people or animals to behave differently from normal when they know they are being observed
25.modern version of psychoanalysis that is more focused on the development of a sense of self and the discovery of other motivations behind a person's behavior that sexual motivations
26.a number derived from the formula for measuring a correlation and indicating the strength and direction of a correlation
30.a naturalistic observation in which the observer becomes a participant in the group being observed
31.variable in an experiment that is manipuated by the experimenter
32.randomly selected sample of subjects from a larger population of subjects
34.tendency of the experimenter's expectations for a study to unintentionally influence the results of the study
35.either a psychiatrist or a psychologist who has special training in the theories of Sigmund Freud and his method of psychoanalysis
36.system of gathering data so that bias and error in measurement are reduced
37.the science of behavior that focuses on observable behavior only
38.variable in an experiment that represents the measurable response or behavior of the subjects in the experiment
39.a deliberate manipulation of a variable to see if corresponding changes in behavior reuslt, allowing the determination of cause-and-effect relationships
1.the entire group of people or animals in which the researcher is interested
2.definition of a variable of interest that allows it to be directly measured
3.systems of explaining human behavior that are not based on or consistent with scientific evidence
4.subjects in an experiment who are not subjected to the independent variable and who may receive a placebo treatment
5.perspective that attributes human and animal behavior to biological events occurring in the body, such as genetic influences, hormones, and the activity of the nervous system
6.process of assigning subjects to the experimental or control groups randomly, so that each subject has an equal chance of being in either group
9.the phenomenon in which the expectations of the participants in a study can influence their behavior
10.early perspective in psychology focusing on perception and sensation, particularly the perception of patterns and whole figures
11.the theory and therapy based on the work of Sigmund Freud
13.perspective that focuses on the relationship between social behavior and culture
15.study of the physical changes in the brain and nervous system during thinking
17.making reasoned judgements about claims
20.a medical doctor who has specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders
23.study in which neither the experimenter nor the subjects know if the subjects are in the experimental or control group
24.modern perspective that focuses on memory, intelligence, perception, problem solving, and learning
27.a professional with an academic degree and specialized training in one or more areas of psychology
28.tendency of observers to see what they expect to see
29.early perspective in psychology associated with William James, in which the focus of study is how the mind allows people to adapt, live, work, and play
33.study of one individual in great detail

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