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Chapter 2 - Part 2

Michelle Reed

Ciccarelli & White (2009)

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1.outermost covering of the brain consisting of densely packed neurons, responsible for higher thought processes and interpretation of sensory input
4.two projections just under the front of the brain that receive information from the receptors in the nose located just below
6.brain structure located near the hippocampus, responsible for fear responses and memory of fear
7.section of the frontal lobe located at the back, responsible for sending motor commands to the muscles of the somatic nervous system
9.an area of neurons running through the middle of the medulla and the pons and slightly beyond that is responsible for selective attention
14.brain-imaging method using radio waves and magnetic fields of the body to produce detailed images of the brain
16.gland located in the brain that secretes human growth hormone and influences all other hormone-secreting glands
17.the larger swelling above the medulla that connects the top of the brain to the bottom and that plays a part in sleep, dreaming, left-right body coordination, and arousal
18.small structure in the brain located below the thalamus and directly above the pituitary gland, responsible for motivational behavior such as sleep, hunger, thirst, and sex
19.endocrine glands located on the top of the kidneys that secrete over 30 different hormones to deal with stress, salt intake, and sex hormones
22.condition produced by damage to the association areas of the right hemisphere resulting in an ability to recognize objects or body parts in the left visual field
25.brain-imaging method using computer-controlled x-rays of the brain
26.sections of the brain located at the rear and bottom of each cerebral hemisphere containing the visual centers of the brain
29.area of neurons running down the front of the parietal lobes responsible for processing information from the skin and internal body receptors for touch, temperature, body position, and possibly taste
30.a group of several brain structures located under the cortex and involved in learning, emotion, memory, and motivation
32.condition resulting from damage to Broca's area, causing the affected person to be unable to speak fluently, to mispronounce words, and to speak haltingly
34.condition resulting from damage to Wernicke's area, causing the affected person to be unable to understand or produce meaningful language
35.female gonads
36.part of the limbic system located in the center of the brain, which relays sensory information from the lower part of hte brain to the proper areas of the cortex and processes some sensory information before sending it to its proper area
37.sex glands that secrete hormones that regulate sexual development and behavior as well as reproduction
2.endocrine gland found in the neck, which regulates metabolism
3.brain-imaging method in which a radioactive sugar is injected into the subject and a computer compiles a color-coded image of the activity of the brain with lighter colors indicating more activity
5.areas of the cortex located in the front and top of the brain, responsible for higher mental proceses and decision making as well as the production of fluent speech
8.part of the lower brain located behind the pons that controls and coordinates involuntary, rapid, fine motor movement
10.the two sections of the cortex on the left and right sides of the brain
11.male gonads
12.curved structure located within each temporal lobe, responsible for the formation of long-term memories and the storage of memory for location of objects
13.endocrine gland located near the base of the cerebellum, which secretes melatonin
15.thick band that connects the right and left cerebral hemispheres
16.endocrine gland that controls the levels of sugar in the blood
20.glands that secrete chemicals called hormones directly into the bloodstream
21.areas within each lobe of the cortex responsible for the coordination and interpretation of information, as well as higher mental processes
23.areas of the cortex located just behind the temples containing the neurons responsible for the sense of hearing and meaningful speech
24.the first large swelling at the top of the spinal cord, forming the lowest part of the brain, which is responsible for life-sustaining functions such as breathing, swallowing, and heart rate
27.insertion of a thin, insulated wire into the brain through which an electrical current is sent that destroys the brain cells at the tip of the wire
28.sections of the brain located at the top and back of each cerebral hemisphere containing the centers for touch, taste, and temperature sensations
31.the upper part of the brain consisting of the two hemipheres and the structures that connect them
33.chemicals released into the bloodstream by endocrine glands

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