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Chapter 10

Michelle Reed

Ciccarelli & White (2009)

1 2         3 4
    5 6 7 8                
        13               14    
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22                             23 24
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30                   31                              
    33 34                          
38                           39                        
40               41                  

1.the tube that leads from the outside of a female's body to the opening of the womb
8.a person who has recurring sexual thoughts, fantasies, or engages in sexual actions toward prepubescent children
9.the culture's expectations for masculine or feminine behavior, including attitudes, actions, and personality traits associated with being male or female in that culture
10.gland that secretes most of the fluid holding the male sex cells or sperm
12.the process of acquiring gender role characteristics
13.a sexual disorder in which the person's preferred method of sexual arousal and fulfillment is through sexual behavior that is unusual or socially unacceptable
16.female hormones
18.prejudice about males and/or females leading to unequal treatment
19.the individual's sense of being male or female
20.the male sex glands
21.sexual organs and traits that develop at puberty and are indirectly involved in human reproduction
22.fluid released from the penis at orgasm that contains the sperm
25.a concept held about a person or group of people that is based on being male or female
26.a series of rhythmic contractions of the muscles of the vaginal walls or the penis, also the third and shortest phase of sexual response
28.a person's sexual attraction and affection for members of either the opposite or the same sex
30.characteristics of possessing the most positive personality characteristics of males and females regardless of actual sex
31.monthly shedding of the blood and tissue that line the uterus in preparation for pregnancy when conception does not occur
34.person attracted to the opposite sex
35.acceptance of positive stereotypes of males and females that leads to unequal treatment
36.the psychological aspects of being male or female
37.sexually transmitted viral disorder that causes deterioration of the immune system and eventually results in death due to complicating infections that the body can no longer fight
38.glands within the breast tissue that produce milk when a women gives birth to an infant
39.deriving sexual arousal and pleasure from dressing in the clothing of the opposite sex
40.person attracted to both men and women
41.person attracted to the same sex
2.male hormones
3.sexual problem caused by physical disorder or psychological stress (2 Words)
4.the condition of possessing both male and female sexual organs
5.time period in males just after orgasm in which the male cannot become aroused or achieve erection
6.the final phase of the sexual response in which the body is returned to a normal state
7.theory of gender identity acquisition in which a child develops a mental pattern, or schema, for being male or female and then organizes observed and learned behavior around that schema
11.the womb in which the baby grows during pregnancy
14.alternate term for hermaphroditism
15.the organ through which males urinate and which delivers the male sex cells or sperm
17.sexual organs present at birth and directly involved in human reproduction
22.external sac that holds the testes
23.behavior that is unacceptable according to societal norms and expectations
24.a problem in sexual functioning
27.the female sexual glands
29.deriving sexual arousal and pleasure from touching or having sexual relations with prepubescent children or fantasizing about such contact
32.a person who possesses ambiguous sexual organs, making it difficult to determine actual sex from a visual inspection at birth
33.a concept held about a person or group of people that is based on being male or female

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