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Chapter 14 - Part 1

Michelle Reed

Ciccarelli & White (2009)

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    25                                 26

1.disorders in which the main symptom is excessive or unrealistic anxiety and fearfulness
6.depression occurring within a year after giving birth in about 10% of women and that includes intense worry abour the baby, thoughts of suicide, and fears of harming the baby
9.perspective in which abnormal behavior is seen as the product of the learning and shaping of behavior within the context of the family, the social group to which one belongs, and the culture within which the family and social group exist
10.fear of being in a place or situation from which escape is difficult or impossible
12.disorder in which intruding, recurring thoughts or obsessions create anxiety that is relieved by performing a repetitive, ritualistic behavior
15.any pattern of behavior that causes people significant distress, causes them to harm others, or harms their ability to function in daily life
22.the tendency to believe that one's performance must be perfect or the result will be a total failure
24.a rare and severe form of depression that occurs in women just after giving birth and includes delusional thinking and hallucinations
25.fear of being in a small, enclosed space
27.the tendency to interpret situations as far more dangerous, harmful, or important than they actually are
28.the tendency to give little or no importance to one's successes or positive events and traits
29.sudden onset of intense panic in which multiple physical symptoms of stress occur, often with feelings that one is dying
2.emotional distress or emotional pain
3.fear of leaving one's familiar surroundings because one might have a panic attack in public
4.disorders found only in particular cultures
5.anything that does not allow a person to function within or adapt to the stresses and everyday demands of life
7.psychologists who study the way people think, remember, and mentally organize information
8.disorder in which a person has feelings of dread and impending doom along with physical symptoms of stress, which lasts six months or more
11.model of explaining behavior as caused by biological changes in the chemical, structural, or genetic systems of the body
12.the tendency to interpret a single negative event as a neverending pattern of defeat and failure
13.the study of abnormal behavior
14.perspective in which abnormal behavior is seen as the result of the combined and interacting forces of biological, psychological, social, and cultural influences
16.fear of interacting with others or being in social situations that might lead to a negative evaluation
17.disorder in which panic attacks occur frequently enough to cause the person difficulty in adjusting to daily life
18.the need to consider the unique characteristics of the culture in which behavior takes place
19.anxiety that is unrelated to any realistic, known source
20.the social or environmental setting of a person's behavior
21.fear of objects or specific situations or events
23.fear of heights
26.an irrational, persistent fear of an object situation or social activity

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