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Chapter 14 - Part 2

Michelle Reed

Ciccarelli & White (2009)

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14.type of schizophrenia in which the person experiences periods of state-like immobility mixed with occassional bursts of energetic, frantic movement, and talking
16.symptoms of schizophrenia that are less than normal behavior or an absence of normal behavior, poor attention, flat affect, and poor speech production
17.maladaptive personality pattern in which the person is moody, unstable, lacks a clear sense of identity, and often clings to others
21.having the quality of excessive excitement, energy, and elation or irritatbility
24.disorders in which there is a break in conscious awareness, memory, the sense of identity, or some combination
25.somatoform disorder in which the person experiences a specific symptom in the somatic nervous system's functioning, such as paralysis, numbness, or blindness, for which there is no physical cause
27.disorder occurring when a person seems to have two or more distinct personalities within one body
28.severe mood swings between major depressive episdes and manic episodes
29.somatoform disorder in which the person dramatically complains of a specific symptom such as nausea, difficulty swallowing, or pain for which there is no real physical cause
30.a mood disorder caused by the body's reaction to low levels of sunlight in the winter months
31.disorders in which mood is severely disturbed
32.traveling away from familiar surroundings with amnesia for the trip and possible amnesia for personal information
33.a moderate depression that lasts for two years or more and is typically a reaction to some external stressor
34.type of schizophrenia in which the person suffers from delusions of persecution, grandeur, and jealousy, together with hallucinations
35.severe disorder in which the person suffers from disordered thinking, bizarre behavior, hallucinations, and inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality
1.disorder in which a person has no morals or conscience and often behaves in an impulsive manner without regard for the consequences of that behavior
2.in psychology, a term indicating emotion or mood
3.modern term for psychosomatic disorder
4.loss of memory for personal information, either partial or complete
5.false beliefs held by a person who refuses to accept evidence of their falseness
6.symptoms of schizophrenia that are excess of behavior or occur in addition to normal behavior, hallucinations, delusions, and distorted thinking
7.disorder in which psychological stress causes a real physical disorder or illness
8.false sensory perceptions, such as hearing voices that do not really exist
9.type of schizophrenia in which behavior is bizarre and childish and thinking, speech, and motor actions are very disordered
10.term applied to a person who is no longer able to perceive what is real and what is fantasy
11.explanation of disorder that assumes a biological sensitivity, or vulnerability, to a certain disorder will result in the development of that disorder under the right conditions of environmental or emotional stress
12.disorders in which a person adopts a persistent, rigid, and maladaptive pattern of behavior that interferes with normal social interactions
13.disorder that consists of mood swings from moderate depression to hypomania and lasts two years or more
15.dissociative disorder in which individuals feel detached and disconnected from themselves, their bodies, and their surroundings
18.a lack of emotional responsiveness
19.somatoform disorder in which the person is terrified of being sick and worries constantly, going to doctors repeatedly, and becoming preoccupied with every sensation of the body
20.the use of lights to treat seasonal affective disorder or other disorders
22.a psychotic disorder in which the primary symptom is one or more delusions
23.disorders that take the form of bodily illnesses and symptoms but for which there are no real physical disorders
26.severe depression that comes on suddenly and seems to have no external cause

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