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The Judicial Branch

Mr. De Jong

1               2           3                      
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      27         28  

1.Case ruling "separate but equal" was unconstitutional
5.Case requiring law enforcement to verbally inform suspects of their rights
6.Current chief justice of the SC
8.Case legalizing abortion in the U.S.
12.Case establishing that slaves were property
14.Case establishing Judicial Review
17.The right of a court to hear a case on appeal
21.The longest serving member on the current SC
22.Total number of Associate Justices
23.His court oversaw the establishment of judicial review
24.Early release from prison
25.Percentage of cases heard on appeal by the Supreme Court
26.Case establishing the supremacy of federal laws over state laws
27.Total number of Supreme Court Justices
29.Case ruling racial segregation was constitutional
30.Opinion supporting the largest voting block, but expressing reserved opinions
31.Percentage of cases heard by the appellate courts
32.President Obama's first SC nominee
2.Case establishing that reverse discrimination was unconstitutional
3.The right of a court to hear a case for the 1st time
4.1st chief justice of the U.S.
7.Total number of Chief Justices
9.Opinion of those justices not in favor of a case
10.The 2nd woman to be appointed to the SC
11.Most recent Supreme Court confirmation
13.Each side gets 30 minutes to present their case before the SC during this phase
15.Only the 2nd African-American to be appointed to the SC
16.Young offenders ranging in age from 16-21
18.Another phrase describing the death penalty
19.Major crimes
20.Minor crimes
28.Opinion of the largest group of justices in a case

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