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Senior Section Programme

Corrina Nicholson

Crossword looking at the Senior Section programme.

1               2   3
  4 5 6  
9 10 11        

1.Section that uses your imagination and the chance to express yourself
7.Section that helps to address local concerns
8.Phase 2 of an octant
14.Section that helps you to stand on your own two feet
2.Phase 3 of an octant
3.Section that helps you understand who you are and what you are looking for in life
4.What one of the eight key areas of the programme is known as
5.Phase 1 of an octant
6.Section that looks at the world, its people and cultures
9.Section that looks at healthy living
10.Section that helps you work with others
11.Award that can be gained if all sections of the programme are completed at phase one and two
12.Section that includes enjoying the elements
13.Name of the programme that the Senior Section follow

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