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3             4
5 6    
    7   8  
        9         10

2.what can electrostatic charge build up on?
3.to uncharge an object it has to be _____
9.if charges are the same they ____
11.Anti-static sprays, liquids and cloths prevent the build up of charge by allowing it to __ away.
13.If You touch something with a large electric charge on it. The charge will flow through your body causing an ___________.
14.When a piece of plastic becomes positively charged it has____ electrons
1.what can electrostatic electricity be used for?
4.When two charged balloons are brought near each other they repel because they have___charges
5.A substance that gains electrons becomes_____charged
6.a substance that loses electrons becomes ____ charged.
7.If one is charged and the other is not they ____
8.how does electrostatic charge up
10.its a good conductor
12.When a piece of plastic becomes negatively charged it has____ electrons

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