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Emotions I


Feelings... those things that get you through the day

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1.when something doesn't work after you tried really hard you feel this...
3.when someone loves or admires someone or something it's to the extreme
8.you feel this when you are just mad about something
9.when something doesn't turn out like you thought it could... you feel this
13.when you're pretty sure nothing good is going to happen for a long time to come
15.this is when you may be bullied, intimidated, or embarrassed because you may have done something that wasn't accepted by others
17.this is how you get when you watch a very scary movie
19.the feeling you get when something bad happens
23.you're called this when you are thinking up a prank or a funny joke on a friend
24.when something just doesn't interest you but you have to do it anyway
26.you have a great positive outlook that things will turn out well
28.the feeling you get when you are just incredibly happy
29.this is when you are just very careful as you approach a job, task or relationship
32.you feel this when you walk in on your birthday party that you didn't know about
33.that emotion you get when you know you've done something you shouldn't of and usually someone gets hurt
36.when you aren't great at meeting people you're sometimes called this
38.when there's a chance something good could happen, you feeling this
41.you are this when you are waiting for the results of a test, a situation or anything like that
42.this is how you feel when you see or hear something that is just rude
43.the feeling you get when you do something well
44.you're described this when you are kind and extend proper social graces
2.that feeling when you accidently do something wrong or unintentionally say something
4.you get home and there is a great surprise from your significant other
5.you feel this when you are anxious or worried about how something may turn out
6.this is the mood you get when you're really excited about something
7.this is what you're called when you step up and do something brave or that took guts
8.that feeling when something goes wrong and you get the blame
10.this is how you feel when someone does something that annoys you
11.how you describe someone who is in a good mood when you see them
12.a feeling you might get when you do something wrong and you get caught
14.another word for an angry feeling you have get when someone upsets you
16.this is when someone is supposed to care for someone else and just doesn't do it
18.that feeling when you're so upset that you just scream, yell and maybe cry
20.this is when you have attitude and think you're great
21.when bad stuff happens to you - you may feel this...
22.this is how you feel when something is done that catches you off guard and bothers you
25.you feel this when you think someone is making a play for that person you care for
27.that feeling when you know something is wrong but you just can't figure it out
30.you feel this when you expect the worst and it turns out 'ok'
31.you feel this when you don't think there's anyone there for you
34.this is how you feel when something happens that you never expected
35.when someone has something you really wish you had you are this...
37.the feeling most get when you see something wrong happen and you do nothing about it
39.this describes someone who is really on the 'edge'
40.the feeling you have when it's just a great day

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