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Rabbit Breeds

Samantha Lambeth

Rabbit Breeds.

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2.Was found by the city of Ghent, Belgium.
4.Was found in Asian countries, along the Himalayan mountains.
9.Their fur is described as soft "with a beautiful polished look to it."
10.Produced by crossing a New Zealand, albino American Dutch, and a White Polish.
13.Was found by a mutation in a litter of Havanas.
15.Guard hair on the surface and wool hair as a under coat.
16.Cross breeds of A Chinchilla and a Flemish Giant.
17.Also known as a Velveteen breed.
18.Was created in Pendleton, Indiana.
19.Are judged by groups, not individuals.
20.Was discovered by Bob Herschbach at the German National Rabbit Show.
21.Named the “Fire of Fancy.”
1.Fur should be slate blue at the base, and pearl gray in the middle.
3.Considered more of a color pattern than a breed.
5.Cross between a Satin and a French Angora.
6.Fur is referred to “No flyback fur.”
7.Thought to be come from the English Butterfly. & Related to the Checkered Giant.
8.Originated from Ankara, Turkey.
11.Came from Taunton, Massachusetts.
12.Believed to be a cross between English Lop & The Butterfly Rabbit of France.
14.Known as the “Aristocrat of the Fancy.”

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