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Social Psychology

2   3              
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          6 7 8

3.Moscovici looks at this influence on people
9.It reduces complex behaviour to simple causes and is therefore ______
11.Social Approach is very complex therefore it is difficult to determine ___ __ ____
12.Which influence on behaviour does this approach emphasise
1.The social approach fails to take into account this component of behaviour eg. gender
2.Whos theory is a social psychological reason as to why people turn to crime?
3.Asch looks at this influence on people
4.The topic in the social approach which Milgram studies?
5.Groups that can help people deal with specific stressors.
6.Denies the possibility of free will
7.It uses a _____ method, relying on field and lab experiments.
8.Existing data can be used for social research to try find ______
10.It studies actual behaviour and doesn't rely on this method of collecting data.

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