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DIC Puzzle 1

Madeline Andre

A fun puzzle that uses conservation words!

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1.Big cat famous for its bright orange and black stripes
4.What is an animal's home environment called?
5.Big animal with a trunk that is most commonly seen in a circus
7.When an animal is bred and raised by humans in a conservation facility it is said to be bred in...
8.Our mammal friends with five fingers and opposable thumbs (2 Words)
10.The process of taming a wild animal for human's needs
11.Our reptilian friend with a shell on its back
12.A human-related cause of endangerment for many animals and plants
14.What is a baby tiger or lion called?
15.A meat-eating animal
16.A newborn baby turtle is known as this
2.When a species completely dies out and is no longer found anywhere in nature
3.Where do marine turtles live?
6.An animal that eats only plants and natural material
7.Protection of plants, animals and their habitats
9.This endangered species has up to two horns on the front of its head
13.The home of the endangered Siberian Tiger

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