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The Biological Approach

Leimomi E. Guy-Studebaker

Key words from Chapter 10

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5                               6

1.we are concerned about reproducing and passing our genes along to the next generation (2 Words)
3.two babies come from different eggs, fraternal twins, DZ
5.one of the oldest and enduring issues in psychology (3 Words)
7.women rated this as a feature they sought in a marriage partner
8.men rated this as a feature they sought in a marriage partner (2 Words)
9.the most popular procedure for separating the role of genetics from the role of environment (3 Words)
10.two babies come from the same fertilized egg, identical twins, MZ
11.more sensitive to stimulation
2.the competetion among members of one gender for mating access to the best members of the other gender (2 Words)
4.complex genetic influence of some personality traits may not be seen unless a unique combination of more than one gene is inherited (2 Words)
6.less sensitive to stimulation

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