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Chapter 6

Skeletal System

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  3 4          
  5   6  
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          9 10          
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  27                 28  

4.Pertaining to the radius
7.Condition of the lateral curvature of the spine
9.Critical to the strength of bones
11.A long bone
12.Pertaining to the foot
13.The ends of a developing bone
17.This loss of bone mass is often age related
20.Moving a body part away from the middle
21.Lying face downward
25.Instrument used to examine the interior of a joint
27.Pertaining to the tibia
29.Pertaining to the loins
30.Bending a limb
1.Example of an irregular bone
2.Pertaining to wrist bones
3.Pertaining to the sacrum
5.The normal female pelvis is this type
6.Shaft of a bone
8.Turning inward
10.The normal male pelvis is this type
14.Name one main function of the skeletal system
15.Bending a body part backward
16.Pertaining to the rib
18.Lying face upward
19.Tx is the abbreviation for
22.A tumor of the bone marrow
23.What does Fx stand for
24.Bones are composed of 50% solid matter and 50%
26.Air cavity within certain bones
28.A place where two or more bones connect

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