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Rachel James

6th Grade

1 2
3 4 5                    
8     9                      
    11                   12        
    15 16      

5.What is the instrument that the Han Daynasty invented to detect earthquakes?
6.What became the Chinese origional religion?
7.What is the fine art of handwriting called?
8.What does it mean when a person is killed for religious purpose? (2 Words)
11.What is the opposite balance force of nature called that Daoism believed in? (3 Words)
12.Who was the founder of Daoism?
13.What does it mean when you will never die?
14.What does it mean when you are forced to live away from your native country?
16.What kind of swords did the Han Dynasty make?
17.What is the trade route invented by the Chinese that spread across Asia? (2 Words)
18.What did the Han Daynasty invent that helps you determine your direction?
19.What was Qin Shihuandi terrified of?
1.What was buried with Qin Shihuandi when he died? (2 Words)
2.What is a written character that represents a word?
3.What was the Han Daynasty's social structure called?
4.Who was the first emperor of China?
9.What is a type of medicine that takes away pain?
10.Who was the founder of Confucianism?
12.What philosophy did Qin Shihuandi believe in?
15.What is a group of people traveling together called?

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