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Renting Crossword

Tim Brinkman

1 2
4 5       6    
10         11  
13               14      

4.A residential house or apartment
7.A person who maintains residency
8.Provides payment to young people studying and working
10.Something that joins or holds a deal
12.A house which is attached to adjacent homes.
13.A person or group that rents and occupies a place
14.A payment made periodically by a tennent
15.A government servise providing social security allowances
1.A house where lodgers rent rooms for one of more nights
2.A person who is authorised to act as an agent for the sale of land.
3.Helps you pay rents
5.An owner of a property who rents it to a tennant
6.A person or organisation that owns and leases
9.Provide budget orientated, sociable accomodation
11.A self contained apartment

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