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Amrita and the Trees Crossword

Kevin Michael O'Neill

A crossword puzzle for Amrita and the Trees.

1 2      
5         6
7           8
9 10            

2.________________ blows this.
3.A large group of trees growing in the same area.
4.Water that falls from the sky in drops.
5.The leader of many people that starts with the letter 'k'.
7.A place that is very hot with few plants and sometimes a lot of sand.
10.Somebody's mommy.
11.Something people get from trees.
12.When soil and water mix, they make this.
13.An area with houses that people live in.
1.Something that can be used to chop down a tree.
2.Something wet that plants and animals need to live.
3.Somebody's daddy.
6.Something green that grows on trees. Sometimes they change color in fall.
8.When I smile I feel ________________.
9.If you have an axe, you can ____________ down a tree.

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