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The Social Self

Megan Andrews

Key terms from Chapter 3 Social Psychology

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2.a nonconscious form of self-enhancement (2 Words)
3.sum total of an individuals belief about his or her own personal attributes (2 Words)
5.the theory that the experience of emotion is based on two factors: physiological arousal and a cognitive interpretation of arousal (5 Words)
6.to increase self-esteem by associating with others who are successful
7.the hypothesis that changes in facial expression can lead to corresponding changes in emotion (3 Words)
9.the theory that humans cope with the fear of their own death by constructing worldviews that help to preserve their self-esteem (3 Words)
11.the tendency for intrinsic motivation to diminish for activities that have become associated with reward (2 Words)
13.the theory that when internal cues are difficult to interpret, people gain self-insight by observing their own behavior (3 Words)
14.a personiality characteristic of individuals who focus on themselves as social objects, as seen by others (3 Words)
15.the tendency to change behavior in responce to the self-persentation concerns of the situation (2 Words)
16.an affective component of the self, consisting of a person's positive and negative self evaluations (2 Words)
17.the theory that self-focused attention leads people to notice self-discrepancies,thereby motivating either an escape from self-awareness or a change in behavior (3 Words)
18.strategies people use to shape what others think of them (2 Words)
19.an Eastern system of thought that accepts the coexistence of contradictory characteristics within a single person
20.behaviors designed to sabotage one's own performance in order to provide a subsequent excuse for failure (2 Words)
1.the defensive tendency to compare ourselves with others who are worse off then we are (3 Words)
4.a personility characteristic of individuals who are introspective, often attending to their own inner states (3 Words)
8.the theory that people evaluate their own abilities and opinions by comparing themselves to others (3 Words)
10.the process of predicting how one would feel in responce to future (2 Words)
12.a belief people hold about themselves that guides the prossing of self relevant information (2 Words)

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