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CTO Weather


CTO Prep Weather

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1.The direction is determined from which it is blowing
3.Circulation of air around a low pressure center
7.Types of icing are clear, _______ and mixed
11.Decrease in temperature with increase in height
13.Weather advisory of opnl interest for all/potentially hazardous limited cap acft
14.Two types of cloud formations are cumulus and ____
15.Air deflected to the right in the northern hemisphere
19.Types of barometers mercurial and
20.Small, dangerous downdrafts of wind extending horizontally up to 2.5 miles
23.5/8, 6/8, 7/8 of sky obscured by clouds
24.Most common and persistent weather hazards encountered in aviation
25.Aircraft altitude is measured above
26.Greatest distance that can be seen over at least 1/2 of the horizon circle
27.Pressure, temperature, and humidity are used to determine
28.______SIGMET for thunderstorms and tornadoes
2.Forms of precipitation which restrict visibility include rain, snow, _____
4.Weather phenomenon particularly hazardous to aviation
5.Wind created by uneven heating of the surface of the earth
6.Lines connecting points of equal pressure
9.Narrow, high speed meandering band of air at high altitudes
10.Report of meteorological phenomena encountered in flight report by aircraft
12.Conditions reduce surface visibility to near zero are blowing sand,snow, ____
16.Warm front, cold front and _________ front
17.Weather advisory concerning extreme turbulence and severe icing
18.Sudden change in windspeed and direction in a short distance
21.Increase in temperature with increase in height
22.Weather report required for a significant change in weather

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