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Using your notes solve this puzzle concerning magnetism

1     2   3                   4    
  5                             6
7     8          
    9 10              
11                   12  
14 15     16                      
      20           21    
23 24        

1.a device that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy
3.region of the Earth's magnetic field
5.relationship between electricity and magnetism
7.changing the direction of electricity will _______ the poles of an electromagnet
10.opposite poles do this
11.a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy
16.two coils around a magnet that can increase or decrease electricity output
17.transformers only work with this type of current
18.process by which a material is magnetized (2 Words)
19.all magnets have north and south
20.a non-magnetic material
25.magnets that occur naturally (2 Words)
27.first to suggest that the earth had magetic poles
28.a magnet that loses its strength quickly
29.the geographic north pole is the magentic (2 Words)
30.like poles do this
2.suggested that a wire with electricity flowing through it has a magnetic field around it
4.process by which an electric current is produced by moving a wire in a magnetic field (2 Words)
6.area around a magnet where magnetic forces interact (2 Words)
8.temporary magnet made by wrapping a wire around an iron core
9.adding more coils ___________________ an electromagnet
12.when charged particles from the sun are trapped in the Earth's magnetic field
13.Noticed that a wire moved through a magnetic field produces electricity (3 Words)
14.a force of attraction or repulsion
15.type of transformer that increases voltage (2 Words)
21.a magnetic material
22.a material that is hard to magentize
23.common device that uses an electromagnet
24.type of transformer that decreases voltage (2 Words)
26.decreasing the amount of current passing through the coil_________an electromagnet

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