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Traditional philosophies and culture in modern China

Mr Lester Lim

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1.The belief that there is no god/gods.
6.Instead of class conflicts, Confucius believed that a society should have __________.
8.A Confucianist value practised in historical imperial examination system in China.
10.A value or system that is non-religious.
11.Confucianist idea of a gentleman.
14.Geomancy, a Daoist belief.
15.An aspect of Daoism that worships all objects.
20.Something that parents should provide for their child other than material comfort.
21.Confucius believed that children must be __________ towards parents.
22.Many Chinese today felt negatively about Daoism as it is perceived as __________.
23.A form of Chinese Buddhism that stresses on instinctive understanding over the study of scriptures.
24.A form of government promoted by Confucianism.
27.Daoism as a __________ is different from Daoism as a religion.
30.Some hoped that Confucianism would solve the __________ problems in Chinese society today.
32.The branch of Buddhism practised in China.
2.Thanks to __________ by the CCP government, Chinese traditions are spontaneously revived by the people.
3.Buddhist rites are commonly performed at __________.
4.A Chinese belief that all philosophies are complementary.
5.A Chinese medical art that is influenced by Daoism.
7.Many people blamed Confucianism for promoting __________.
9.The Book of Changes.
12.Unlike Confucianism which emphasises on collectivism, Daoism believes in __________.
13.Yuan fen, or destiny to meet, are used to reinforce friendship.
16.Confucianism respects social _________ as it values order.
17.A Confucianist classic.
18.A popular form of Chinese Buddhism that believes in rebirth in a paradise.
19.The process of being culturally assimilated to be like Chinese.
25.'Benevolence' in Confucianism.
26.During the __________ Revolution, all things traditional are destroyed.
28.China hopes to spread its ________ power with the establishment of Confucius Institutes.
29.The belief in __________ is a legacy of Buddhism in modern China.
31.The Way according to Lao Tze.

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