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The Olympian Gods and Goddesses

David Chandler

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4.ruler of the gods
5.god of the sun, poetry, and music
7.a traditional story that helps to explain a culture's beliefs
9.goddess of love and beauty
12.athletic games held in honor of the goddess Athena; it included games such as boxing and chariot racing
15.wife of zeus; goddess of marriage
18.the temple honoring the goddess Athena, built on the acropolis
19.goddess of agriculture
20.the god of theater and wine
21.set of games played every four years at Olympia to honor the god Zeus.
1.god of war
2.a priestess who would ask Apollo questions
3.goddess of the family fire
6.one of the most famous Greek sculptors in Athens who created the huge statue of Athena
8.goddess of wisdom and war
10.god of fire and metalworkers
11.one of the greatest philosophers in Athens;he taught others by asking them questions that forced them to think about their beliefs.
13.messenger of the gods and god of travel
14.the hill above a Greek city on which temples were built
16.goddess of the moon and the hunt
17.god of the sea

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