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Earth Science Review

Jennifer Daniels

1 2
  3 4 5                  
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  44     45                      
    47 48                

5.when one plate dives beneath another
7.states the universe began from an enormous explosion
8.power explosion when a star dies
10.theory that Earth's surface is made of large moving masses
11.largest of the planets
12.dense remains after fusion in red giant stops
14.opening through crust where lava flows to Earth's surface
16.has a volcano named Olympus
18.3rd rock from the sun
22.directly above the focus
24.formed from other rocks as a result of heat and pressure
25.collection of millions or billions of stars
28.upper layer of the Earth
30.Has the Great Dark Spot
31.distance light travels in 365 days
32.compressed or cemented deposits of sediment
35.describes the sun and solar system forming together from clouds of dust and gas
38.large reddish star late in its life cycle
39.group of gravity bound galaxies
41.the sun and its planets
44.study of earthquakes
46.crack in the Earth created when rocks break or move
48.nine of these orbit the sun
49.traces or remains of plants or animals found in sedimentary rock
50.dead star with density of atomic nuclei
51.change in physical or chemical composition of Earth's exposed surfaces
1.may or may not be a planet
2.the gas and dust located between the stars
3.occurs when an object passes into the shadow of another object
4.molten rock beneath Earth's crust
6.an object so massive and dense light can't even escape
9.sum of all matter and energy that exists now, before and forever
13.zone of mantle that has slowly flowing rock
15.named for the goddess of love
17.expresses teh magnitude of an earthquake
19.planet with blue color
20.area of fault where earthquakes begin
21.illustrates changes rocks undergo
23.process where wind or water change wear down Earth's surfaces
26.precipitation that has pH less than 7
27.formed from cooled and hardened magma and lava
29.small rocky objects that orbit the sun
33.group of stars appearing as a pattern as seen from Earth
34.process where sediment is laid down
36.consists of crust and upper mantle
37.magma that has reached the Earth's surface
40.center of the Earth
42.movement of spectral lines toward the red end
43.burning ball of gas
45.spectacular system of rings
47.lies between crust and core

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