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#104.04 Training Safety

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

1 2 3 4    
5 6            

3._____ 1500 is used as a reference for this guideline
6.In the event the ratio of personnel to instructor is 6 to 1 or below, the instructor shall serve as the Safety _____
7.Under full tactical training, personnel shall perform and protect themselves as outlined under _____ 104.00 Fireground Safety
1.The intent of this procedure is to serve as a guideline to _____ fire personnel from injuries during training activities
2.During hands on training activities the instructor shall provide a ____ Officer
4.In general the _____ shall utilize the proper personal protection to protect from bodily injury in relation to the training task at hand
5.When conducting _____ inside or outside in dealing with fire or EMS apparatus and equipment, personnel shall protect themselves from injury with the proper amount of personal protective clothing for the task to be completed at all times

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