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Literary Terms

By Kelly Mazzoli

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2.a conversation between two or more characters
3.the main message or life lesson that an author wants a reader to take away
5.an external struggle that a character has with another character
9.the actions, thoughts, and feelings that help us learn about a character
11.a type of writing, either fiction or non-fiction
14.when one character speaks to an imagined audience or to one that does not reply
16.when the main character tells the story using pronouns such as "I" and "we"
18.the way a story turns out in the end, either good or bad
19.the time and place of a story
20.literature that is typically written in verse or stanzas
1.fictional piece that has a clear plot line, conflict, exposition, and resolution
2.the French word for resolution
4.an external struggle that a character has with a force he/she cannot control, such as an animal, a tornado, a flood, etc.
5.an internal struggle such as addiction, anger, or jealousy
6.an external struggle that a character with something in his/her community or world
7.the main turning point of a story
8.literature that is written to be performed on a stage
10.the beginning of a story when we learn the main charatcer and setting
12.the perspective from which a story is told
13.when a narrator tells the story using pronouns such as "they" and "she"
15.the series of events that make up a story
17.a struggle, either internal or external, that the main character has force

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