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Provincial, Territorial and Municipal Governments

Mr. McLean

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1.Municipal councillors each represent a ______.
5.This group helps the premier run the provincial government.
7.M.P.P. stands for "Member of Provincial _______".
11.There are 10_ M.P.P.s in Ontario's Legislative Assembly.
12.Steve _____ is the current Lambton County Warden.
14.The Queen's representative at the territorial level.
16.Bill _____ is the mayor of our municipality.
18.Number of territories.
19.Head of government at the provincial level.
20.Most westerly of the territories.
2.The Provincial Court of ______ is the highest provincial court.
3.Our municipality.
4.Newest territory, established in 1999.
6.Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, David _______.
8.Maria _______ is the MPP for our riding.
9.Number of provinces.
10.Member of a municipal government.
13.The number of wards in Lambton Shores minus the number of branches of government equals ______.
15.Premier of Ontario.
16.Head of a county government.
17.Head of a municipal government.

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