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Harry's Crossword

Gred and Forge

Answer the questions please. Don't put spaces in between words.

1 2
3       4    
5   6         7          
8                             9  
    10         11
  12       13          
          14         15
  16                 17                
18   19                                      
21                     22  
  24         25     26       27       28
      32     33  

3.Colour of Harry Potters Mums eyes
6.He has a scar on his forehead (2 Words)
8.Potions teacher (2 Words)
10.What colour are Harry's eyes
13.Name of Harry Potters owl
14.What colour is Hermiones cat
16.Name of Draco's sidekicks (3 Words)
19.The best characters ever (4 Words)
21.Name of Hagrids dragon
23.Harry's best friend (2 Words)
24.What month is Rons birthday
25.First word in the first Harry Potter book
26.Name of Dudley Dursleys High School
29.What colour jumper does Ron get from Mrs Weasley every Christmas
30.How many tables are there in The Great Hall
31.Rita Skeeters animagus
34.Name of Harry Potters Mum
35.What is the name of Gilderoy Lockharts autobiography (2 Words)
36.Harry Potters middle name
1.How many houses are there at Hogwarts
2.What colour is the Flying car
4.Name of the Gryffindor ghost (3 Words)
5.What does Proffessor Sprout teach
7.Who is Wormtail (2 Words)
9.Who is the head of Ravenclaw house (2 Words)
11.Where is Ollivanders (2 Words)
12.Voldemorts real name (2 Words)
14.Ginny Weasleys hair colour
15.What colour is the Hogwarts Express
17.Hermiones surname
18.How many People are in the Weasley family
20.Mr Weasleys first name
22.Who is Prongs (2 Words)
25.What is Proffessor McGonagalls first name
27.Name of Nevilles toad
28.Name of Rons rat
31.Eldest Weasley child
32.What is Gilderoy Lockharts favourite colour
33.Name of Pavati Patils TWIN

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