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Bugsy Malone

Use the following words from BUGSY MALONE to complete the crossword puzzle.

1 2    
5 6         7      
    8                 9
10     11                
    12   13     14      
17                   18        

1.ill / very bored with something
8.somebody has publicly been put down
10.a word, phrase, or text in another language that has the same meaning
13.small animal with a long body / an underhanded person
15.accept something as true
17.in one’s own opinion
18.wide / an offensive term for a woman (slang)
19.common domestic fowl / coward
2.the act of copying something or somebody
3.excellent / man too concerned with appearance
4.compliment somebody to win favor / past tense of flat
6.something that somebody is known for
7.a large mass of mineral material / served with ice cubes
8.supported by facts from history
9.cause of shame or loss of respect
11.famous for something bad
12.according to a menu or list that prices items separately (3 Words)
14.indulge in something extravagant or expensive
16.past tense of break / having no money

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