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Brooklyn Bridge

Giuseppe A

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6.What measures 1,595 feet 6 inches
8.$15,100,000 was the original
10.Uses lots of ____ wire
12.quarries from what state supplied stone
15.material used for base
17.Brooklyn Bridge was _____ % longer than any suspension bridge of the time
20.on opening day who crossed the most
23.Brooklyn ____ increased by 50% from1860 to 1870
24.Breuckelen AKA ___ was original town chartered by Dutch West India Company
27.Used 85,159 cubic yards of
29.Originally used by people, trolleys, and
31.Connects Manhattan Island with
32.Used today mostly for passage of 78K ____ per day
34.Flew his plane past the bridge during his bid to circle the globe
36.first man to jump from bridge in 1885 was ___ Odlum
39.other stone bridge built of
1.maximum total load on a single cable = 6,000 ____
2.Caisson Disease that many workers suffered also known as
3.during an accident the top of a worker head was taken off by
4.Bridge sits over ___ river
5.style of architecture
7.cost to cross when built one___
9.The Manhattan side of the bridge rests on
11.prior to the bridge other plan considered was building a 6 lane ____
13.Roebling noted in 1867 that the bridge would be deemed a ___ Monument
14.John Roebling was a _____ Engineer from Berlin
16.Engineer who designed the bridge
18.In 1964 the bridge was declared a
19.When opened it was the first bridge of what kind
21.John Roebling birtplace Thuringia or
22.21 of these animals led over the bridge to show it was safe by P.T. Barnum
25.First steam ferry between Brooklyn and Manhattan
26.inventor and manufacturer of stee wire cable was
28.Originally the tallest structure in the western ____
30.Brooklyn _____
33.how many supporting cables
35.Upon the death of the designer the head of construction was ___ Emely
37.original paint color was "rawlins ___" from a mine in Wyoming
38.buy the brooklyn bridge is a

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