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Chemistry 5.2 ipc

Mrs Valverde

To help study for test

1 2 3 4
7                           8              
  9 10                        
      12 13                  
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25         26              

5.theory states that tiny particles such a electrons do not absorb or release energy smoothly.
6.model of atom portrays a nucleus of protons and neutrons, surrounded by electrons that move in circular orbits.
7.2 words - --- --- principle states that it is impossible to measure the exact position and velocity of an electron simutaneously.
9.another name for electron shell
13.type of radioactive decay occurs when the neutron in an atoms nucleus changes to a proton and emits an electron
14.the splitting of an atom's nucleus into 1 or more pieces.
15.the domino effect that occurs when splitting atoms causes other other atoms to split as well.
19.how many quantum numbers are used to describe the motion of an electron
20.refers to a positively charged ion.
22.Can a nuclear bomb explode like an atomic bomb?
23.radioactive decay when an unstable atom ejects a clump of 2 protons and 2 neutrons.
26.the type of charge an anion possess.
27.subatomic particle related to the electron, has no electrical charge and little mass
28.total number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus
29.in the electron cloud model, the term is used to describe the region of space in which electrons may be found.
30.the decay rate of a substance , the length of time it takes for the original substance to decay into a new substance
1.3 words run together - what amu stands for.
2.an atom that has developed an electrical charge as a result of gaining or losing electrons.
3.nuclear radiation is used to sterilize medical supplies and food.
4.gamma radiation- type of nuclear radiation is actually a form of ---------------- wave.2 words
8.model of atom that represents electron energy levels as clouds
10.a devise that harnesses a controlled chain reaction to produce usable energy.
11.represents the avg mass of all the various isotopes of an element
12.the amount of fissionable material that must be present in order for a chain reaction to take place.
16.is the total number of protons in the nucleus
17.describes an atom that is unstable and likely to break up, producing radiation
18.he proposed the quantum theory
21.the name of the city in Russia that had a serous nuclear reactor accident in 1986.
24.true or false: on avg., we are exposed to far more nuclear radiation from man-made sources than from natural sources.
25.single, discrete packets of energy

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