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Biomes & Biodiversity

Ms. Johnson

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1.another name for the "B" horizon is _______________?
4.spanish for thicket
5.sharp temperature boundary
7.those considered in imminent danger of extinction
15.shallow wetlands flooded regularly or occassionally with seawater, occurs on shallow coastlines
16.the reduction of habitat into small, isolated patches
19.single exposure and immediate response
20.process where mineral salts accumulate in the soil
24.plowing across the hill rater than up and down
25.chemicals that cause abnormalities during embryonic growth and development
27.genetically modified organisms
29.forest where rainfall is most abundant (2 words)
33.the genetic, species, and ecological diversity of the organisms in a given area.
34.a diverse group of salt tolerated trees that grow along warm, calm marine coasts around the world
35.where conservationists and wildlife managers look for unprotected landscapes, rich in species
36.diseases not previoulsy known or that have been absent for at least 20 years
37.nothern forests, that lie between about 50 and 60 degrees north
39.people who consume locally produced food
40.depressions in a rocky shoreline that are flooded at high tide but retain some water at low tide
43.soil type that demonstrates poor drainage
44.cool, rainy forest often enshrouded in fog
45.abnormal change in the body's condition that impairs important physical or psychological functions
46.long lasting effects
2.an interaction in which on substance exacerbates the effects of the other
4.cancer causing substance
6.whitening of reefs due to stress; may lead to death (2 Words)
8.phenomenon whereby new high yield varieties of crops spread around the world
9.non-indigenous organisms
10.among the most endangered biological communities; this system is high in biological productivity
11.areas of water saturated ground; ground is composed of deep layers of accumulated, undecayed vegetation known as peat
12.when the toxic burden of a large number of organisms at a lower trophic level is accumulated and concentrated by a predator in a higher trophic level
13.vegetation zones defined by altitude
14.presence of many, varied types of biological and ecological systems
17.tiny, free floating photosynthetic plants
18.type of erosion where tiny rivulets of running water gather together and cut small channels in the soil
21.treeless landscape that occurs at high latitudes or on mountain tops
22.shaping the landto create level shelvesof earth to hold water and soil
23.where precipitation is uncommon and slight
26.bays where rivers empty into the sea, mixing fresh water with salt water
28.disease causing organism
30.another name for the "A" horizon is _______________?
31.broad-leaf forests occur throughout the world where rainfall is plentiful
32.types of ecosystems having similar characteristics
35.grass with sparse tree cover
38.communities occuring on the bottom of the ocean
41.a measure of disease burden

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