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Chapter 8

Digestive System

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2.Surrounds the necks of teeth
4.Pertaining to under the tongue
7.Name a blood protien
10.Body waste expelled from the bowels
11.A frequent digestive problem among older adults
12.Accumulation of serous fluid in the peritoneal cavity
14.One who specializes in dentistry
15.The largest glandular organ in the body
16.Named because they present a sharp cutting edge
21.Pertaining to the colon
23.Pertaining to the abdomen
24.Both the larynx and the esophagus begin in the
26.To eject stomach contents through the mouth
27.Gas in the digestive tract
29.Pertaining to the gatekeeper
30.The voice box
1.Cavity formed by the palate, lips, cheeks, and tongue
3.Membraneous sac attached to the live in which excess bile is stored and concentrated
5.Digestive juice
6.Lack of appetite
8.Pertaining to gastric digestion
9.Anticoagulant that helps to prevent the clotting of blood
13.Pertaining to the colon
17.A muscular, distendaboe saclike portion of the alimentary canal
18.The feeling of the inclination to vomit
19.Open lesion or sore of the epidermis or mucous membrane
20.Salivary glands secrete this
22.Pertaining to the tongue
25.Pertaining to the lip
28.Makes up the bulk of the large intestine

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