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Ch. Learning

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3.__ is the process of a behavior disappearing because it is no longer rewarded.
6.After eating a tuna and peanut butter sandwich, you barf all over the dining room table. Now, you dislike tuna and peanut butter sandwiches . . . this is an example of __. (2 Words)
8.When a conditioned response returns after extinction
10.Type of stimulus that is initially paired with an unconditioned stimulus (2 Words)
12.Type of conditioning that involves learning associations between stimuli (2 Words)
13.gradual technique of reducing fears in which people are taught relaxation techniques
14.When a pleasant stimulus is paired with an unpleasant stimulus
17.__ simply refers to learning an association between a behavior and its reinforcement
18.Learning that depends on mental activity that is not directly observable (2 Words)
20.Food is a _ reinforcer.
21.In this kind of learning, behavior is either reinforced or punished. (2 Words)
24.When a conditioned response returns after extinction (2 Words)
25.The process by which practice or experience results in a relatively permanent change in behavior
26.You\'92d like to teach your new parrot a complex behavior. So, you\'92ve decided to reward him as you train him; giving him a small piece of banana for each step he learns until he finally has learned to do the whole complex behavior. This is an example of
27.A stimulus or event that follows a behavior and makes that behavior more likely to occur again
28.conditioning that remains hidden until needed (2 Words)
29.Gambling is the classic real-life example of this schedule
1.If you run into a warm house to escape the unpleasant cold outdoors, then you have experienced __ reward reinforcement.
2.discovered classical conditioning while looking at the digestive process of dogs.
4.Ben's little sister Beth watched while he yelled at their parent's because he didn't want to mow the lawn. Ben's parents gave in and Ben didn't have to mow the lawn until the next week. The next time Beth was asked to pick up her room she yelled at her parents because she still wanted to play outside. This is an example of __. (2 Words)
5.Can be ratio or interval schedule of reinforcement
7.learn how to learn (2 Words)
9.reducing fears, person is continually exposed to harmless stimulus until fear responses to stimulus are eliminated
11.__ is the unlearned response to a stimulus. (2 Words)
15.In Pavlov's dog, what the bell became after being repeatedly paired with food (2 Words)
16.Money is considered a __ reinforcer
19.The tendency, once a response has been conditioned, for stimuli similar to the conditioned stimulus to evoke similar responses.
22.According to Skinner, this shapes and maintains behavior
23.__ reinforcement means that the individual receives some pleasant stimuli for performing a response in an effort to increase that response.

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