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French Impressionism Art & Artists

Mrs. Adney

French Impressionism Art & Artists

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1.Characteristics of the period included visible ____ and light colors
4.This artist was known for painting movement, such as dancers and racehorses
6.Artist were based from this city (in France)
8.Seurat is know at the artist's ______
9.This artist is known as "The Father of Modern Art"
11.Van Gogh suffered from this, but he painted in his sane times
12.Degas's paintings were like ___, capturing a moment in time
14.The Impressionism group broke the ___ of painting
16.The term Impressionism came from a painting by this artist
17.This artist was known for painting people in intimate and candid settings
2.The Year that French Impressionism began
3.The process of creating shapes with small dots or strokes of contrasting color
5.Money often painted waterlilies and gardens at ____
6.Renoir sometimes used this tool to allpy paint instead of a brush
7.This artist cut off his ear lobe and committed suicide
10.Claude Monet started the style and was the ____ of the group
13.Cezanne tried to bring back ___and mass to painting
15.This artist created the pointillism technique

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