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The Odyssey

Eric Wright

1 2       3  
4       5     6
7 8   9            
11   12              
14           15

2.number of years Odysseus was gone
4.Odysseus's homeland
8.got axed by his wife
10.epic that preceded Odyssey
11.Odysseus's enemy; God of the sea
14.alias used by goddess inspire Odysseus's son
16.monster with snake heads that Odysseus had to encounter
1.don't ____ the cows of the sun god
3.Odysseus's son
5.whirlpool monster
6.Odysseus's wife
7.nymph on whose island The Odyssey starts
9.Odysseus's goddess friend on Olympus
12.men who tried to take Odysseus's wife
13.author of The Odyssey
15.one of Odysseus's many epithets

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