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Coyotes & Blooms Plant Identification List 7

Melanie Sifton

This puzzle will help you learn the spring blooming plants on LAND 151 List 7.

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4.Colour of the spikey sea holly flowers
5.General soil condition required to grow ferns
7.light requirements for most ferns
9.Galanthus nivalis flower colour
10.Low Ho Silver is a cultivar of this popular late spring blooming plant
12.these cute but common garden pests don't usually eat ferns because they are poisonous
13.Colour of the unfurled fronds of Dryopteris erythrosora 'Brilliance'
14.Origin of Cyrtomium fortunei
16.Common name for Eryngium planum
19.Genus of the Autumn fern
22.Family name for Eryngium planum 'Jade Frost'
24.Phlox family
27.polyblepharum means "many ______"
29.Soil pH preferred for ericaceous plants (Rhodos & azaleas)
31.common name for Viola x wittrockiana
32.Preferred temperature for Oxalis, Crocus, Galanthus and many other early spring bloomers
34.Genus for sedges
35.Predator for the Arboretum's deer herd?
36.Dryopteridaceae & Onocleaceae are both families of this category of plants
1.Genus of the Pomponette Red English daisy
2.name for the underground plant stem/storage organ of Crocus
3.when a plant responds to light by rapid movement of its leaves (folding, waving, etc.)
6.Shape of the leaves of Oxalis sp.
8.Specific epithet for moss phlox
11.Galanthus nivalis
15.Rhododendron family
17.Term for when a plant makes a brief appearance when conditions are ideal, then disappears after around 6-8 weeks
18.Common term for the unfurled fronds of ferns
20.Genus for false shamrock
21.common name for Polystichum polyblepharum
23.Sedges have these -helps to distinguish them from true grasses
25.Iris family
26.Rhododendron simsii is the scientific name for florist's ________
28.Cultivar name for Carex oshimensis with gold & green striped foliage
30.Genus for one of the first plants to bloom in spring -tiny yellow flowers peep out of soil
33.The stiff foliage of Cyrtomium fortunei sort of looks like this broadleaved evergreen

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