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Behavior Management

Helpful Handout

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2.A form of abuse characterized by repeated occurrences
6.According to the Wongs, an effective teacher needs to establish clearly stated these, which should be limited to no more than 5.
7.This misbehavior is often characterized by daydreaming and doodling.
8.Threatening the victim into social isolation, that include gossip, silent treatment, manipulation, and mocking is known as ____________bullying.
9.Teasing, put downs, and sarcastic remarks are common with this misbehavior.
1.Teachers who provide a stimulating learning environment, encourage students, and help them as much as possible.
2.What is the genuine goal?
3.When these are not met, students often misbehave
4.Survival, Belonging, Power, Fun, and Freedom are known as the five _______
5.The Wongs say Ineffective teachers begin the first day of school attempting to do this.

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