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Jade's Belly Dance Crossword


A fun puzzle with a Belly dance theme suitable for children and students of Belly Dance.

1       2 3
4 5            
6       7    
    8 9    
  10 11 12                
14             15                  
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20     21        

1.Traditional Egyptian drum.
5.Turkish word for finger cymbals
6.Home of Belly dance and pyramids!
12.To move your midrif in a round motion. (2 Words)
13.A candleabra on your head is also known as a ....
14.Undulating move that you can travel with.
15.Movements requiring strength and control on the ground. (2 Words)
18.Fantastic local dance troupe. (3 Words)
20.Another word for a turn.
22.Desert tribe of Egypt and the Middle East.
23.A fertile spot in the desert. (and name of Australian bellydance mag!)
24.Balancing prop that is also a weapon.
2.Most common Language in the Middle East.
3.Awesome dance school in Coffs Harbour Bellingen area. (3 Words)
4.Beautiful prop great for flowy music.
7.Group improvisational style started in the USA.
8.Good way to mark the beat with your hip. (2 Words)
9.Elegant prop that is reminiscent of a major Egyptian Goddess. (3 Words)
10.Egyptian Godess of Love, Beauty and Music.
11.Loud ululation (also the name of a bellydance magazine).
13.To shake ones hips rapidly is to ...
14.A long prop often used with saiidi music.
16.Type of eye make up that is amost always worn by bellydancers. (2 Words)
17.Elegant travelling move also used in Ballet.
19.Feisty rhythmic section of the music. (2 Words)
21.People of Southern Egypt.

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