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Art and Design #2

William Koch

technical terms used in the graphics industry

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1.This is called the glue of a design, it brings all the elements together
6.When the primary colors are equally mixed together they create this set of colors
8.When all the elements and principles work together to form a complete harmony in a design.
9.One color including all its tints and shades.
12.The relation of subjects to each other in a design?
14.A drawing that is done very quickly. Used many time to capture movement in figure drawing.
2.The surface quality of a subject that can be seen and felt?
3.A color scheme that includes hues across from each other on a color wheel/
4.A color scheme that is the mixing of equal parts of the primary and secondary colors
5.A color scheme that hues lie next to each other on the color wheel
7.The using of design elements to move the viewer around the a design layout
10.The space around and between the subject(s) of an image.
11.A drawing that takes longer to produce. This drawing has detail and shows form
12.The three basic colors of the color wheel
13.When a space is filled with a color or texture the shape then has?

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