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Personality ans stress

Miss H

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1.Friedman sss response.and this person studied personality & stress
7.questionnaire methods lack this
10.Lifton found that hardy students were more likely to do this
13.one other factor that also protects against stress
15.concept of hardiness can explain why these people remain healthy despite intense war-related stress
17.Type A character trait
19.self-report method is open to this type of social bias
20.less likely to experience a heart attack
2.Watson and Clarke concluded that actually hardt individuals have low...
3.One of the defences against the negative effects of stress
4.This type of person is more resistant to stress
5.Type A people are easily....
6.some studies conducted in to Type A behaviour and CHD have been
8.Type of study conducted by F&R to establish personality type and health
9.these differences affect the way we respond to stressors
11.Myrtek found this component of Type A the most important
12.There has been a lack of this in Type A behaviour research
14.used scales of hardiness and correlated scores with stress related disorders
16.Most of the studies have used this analysis
18.Used a Western collaborative study lookes t links between Typa A and CHD

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