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Michael Grimm's Epic CD

Deb H

This is a test of your knowledge of Michael Grimm's new CD.

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1.Who's on keysboards on the album?
3.What was the first single released from the album?
6.Who is the famous drummer on this album?
9.Who wrote "No Other Love"?
10.What month was Michael's record deal first announced?
13.Who sings Gasoline and Matches with Michael on the CD? (2 words)
16.Whose version of "No Other Love" does Michael sing?
18.Which cover song is titled the same as one of MG's albums?
19.What cover song has Michael recorded & released over 4 times?
21.What record label released the single Fallin'?
22.Who wrote Champagne and Wine?
23.Who produced this album?
24.What genre is the song Fallin'?
25.What previous album is represented on the new CD?
27.What song did Michael introduce at the Silver Slipper? (3 words)
29.What is the nickname of the song also on the "I Am" CD?
2.Who wrote Fallin'?
3.How many MG original songs are on this CD?
4.How many songs did Michael write or co-write on this CD, that he previously released?
5.What genre is the album?
7.What song did Michael sing in school?
8.Where did Michael Grimm record this CD? (2 words)
11.What record label signed Michael Grimm after he won AGT?
12.What is the oldest song on the album?
14.What month was the album's original release date?
15.What song is listed twice?
17.Who released Simple Man in 1973? (2 words)
20.What was the original title?
26.What word was changed in Michael's version of "No Other Love"?
28.What month is the album's current release date?

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