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Periodic table

Friends Boys School

Science Grade 7

2           3
  5 6  
      7 8        
11   12               13 14
  17             18  
    19           20          
21                   22      

2.Non-metal used to Kill germs
4.The Vertical line in the periodic table
8.Most of the element in the periodic table are .............
9.Group 0, Or 8 in the periodic table (2 Words)
10.Metal used in Yellow light bulbs
11.Element with the symbol Mg
15.Liquid metal at room temp.
16.Non-metal used in the swimming pools to
17.Metal used in Brown Coins
19.The elements in the periodic table are arranged according to their ............ (2 Words)
21.One of the alkali metals and very reactive
22.Most of the garden tools made from it
1.Used in glass and electronic devices
3.Non-metal liquid at room temp.
5.Group VII of the periodic table
6.Metals in the middle of the periodic table (2 Words)
7.Most of the air made from it
11.Elements that have some properties of metals and non-metals
12.Used in Jewelery
13.Metal used in Planes
14.Found on our bones and we get it from milk
17.Use with iron to make steel (With Symbol C)
18.Horizontal line in the periodic table
20.A gas used in lights

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