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Respiratory Practice


1 2                  
5                         6
7     8             9              
12 13     14        
      18           19          

2.benign tumors of the larynx that result from overuse or irritation
3.back-door dilator, Robinul, smooth muscle relaxation, decreases volume of respiratory secretions, less central nervous effects than atropine
5.CO/heart rate (2 Words)
7.Atrovert, bronchodilation, back-door dilator, less systemic effects than atropine (2 Words)
11.back-door dilator, Spiriva, acts to prevent airway narrowing, taken once a day via handihaler, maintenance drug (2 Words)
14.=VO2/C(a-v) O2 (10)
16.inflammation of the mucosal lining of the larynx
17.QT=VO2/C(a-v) O2(10) (______ Equation)
18.cardiac output/body surface area (2 Words)
20.caused by Haemophilus influenzae type b bacteria, can need intubation
1.(2xdiastolic) +systolic/3
2.a condition in which fibrous connective tissue builds up in the lungs (2 Words)
4.back-door dialator, oxivent, bronchodilation, available in an MDI only (2 Words)
6.QT=heart rate x stroke volume (2 Words)
8.mild bronchodilation, cardiac stimulation, pre-anesthesia drug, dries up secretions (2 Words)
9.Dornase Alpha, Acetylcysteine (________ Agent)
10.main use is to liquify secretions, either a water or saline solution(______ Agent)
12.infection of the paranasal sinuses, often following a cold
13.inflammation of the nasal mucosa, usually viral
15.treated with radiation or chemo(disorder of the larynx)
19.inflammation &obstruction of the upper airway

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