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Congenital Heart Defects

Serra Sudemir and Laurie Kukla

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1.a three-stage palliative repair for Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome
6.observed behavior seen with Tetralogy of Fallot
9.method of feeding used if an infant tires before they are able to finish eating
10.given to prevent infective endocarditis
12.type environment that should be used for feeding infants with CHF
13.A noninvasive way to measure oxygen saturation
14.a nationally recognized center that treats congenital heart defects in Wisconsin
15.( )  can occur when there is a reversal of circulation so that desaturated blood goes to the systemic circulation as with Transposition of the great arteries
17.hypercyanotic spells that occur when oxygen requirements exceed the blood supply
19.Due to inadequate circulation as seen with Atrioventricualr Septal Defects the risk of ( ) to the systemic circulation is present with right-to-left shunting.
22.Altered circulation occurs with Tetralogy of Fallot due to the desaturated blood shunting into what great vessel ( )
26.a nonsurgical repair of congenital heart defects
27.a PG inhibitor that promotes ductal constriction
28.position used for a child in a hypercyanotic episode
30.an auscultated assessment finding common with congenital disorders
31.( ) cares to allow for adequate periods of rest
32.Insertion of this device is shown to decrease outflow tract obstruction of the heart.
33.position in which children should remain after cardiac catheterization
34.A continual infusion of this drug is used to maintain ductal patency and support mixing of oxygenated and unoxygenated blood at the level of the ductus.
35.a national group providing parents with education, support and resources about congenital heart defects
2.The effect of a large amount of pulmonary blood flow associated with Atrial Septal Defects can be seen with recurrent (   ) infections
3.the most common birth defect in the world
4.assessment finding common in congenital defects with decreased pulmonary blood flow
5.a cooperative effort between Froedtert, the Medical College of Wisconsin Birthing Center and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
7.Diagnosis of infective endocarditis is primarily made by this specific lab test
8.Infants with CFD may be ( ) at first
10.A complication that can occur as a result of cyanosis that is a compensatory response to chronic hypoxia is the development of
11.There is a "step down" (abnormally decreased) oxygen saturation in the left side of the heart which can happen Tetralogy of Fallot  the result is cyanosis caused by ( )
16.This tool uses high-frequency sound waves to produce an image. It can measure cardiac chambers, valve function, and size of septal defect
18.A major comlication of uncorrected PDA is
20.palpated assessment finding common in congenital disorders
21.the number of calories that should be in each ounce of formula
23.frequently used interval for feedings
24.The nurse should monitor for this after a cardiac catheterization of a catherized vessel in which the patient could become hemodynamically unstable ( )
25.Locate ( ) pulses prior to cardiac catheterization
29.Primary tool used in diagnosing Pediatric dysrhythmias

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