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3.Phase following a tonic-clonic seizure
7.Antiepileptic drug which requires no therapeutic monitoring; brand name
8.Treated with mannitol when increased; normal 0-15mm Hg
11.Neurotransmitter deficit found in Parkinson's disease
13.Temporary loss of reflex, bradycardia, hypotension, flaccid paralysis
15.Initial treatment to reduce edema in SCI
16.MAP minus ICP equals this perfusion pressure; normal is
18.Exaggerated sympathetic response in T6 or higher spinal cord injury
21.Used to treat MS
22.Widening pulse pressure, bradycardia, irregular respirations; late sign increased ICP
25.Flexor posturing; Problems with cervical spinal tract or cerebral hemisphere
26.Most common TBI
27."Daydreaming" seizure
1.Upper and lower extremity paralysis
2.Osmotic diuretic
4.Mini stroke
5.Series of seizures lasting 30 min. or longer
6.Antiepileptic with therapeutic level of 10-20mcg/ml; brand name
9.Short, shuffling; associated with PD
10.Drainage from ears or nose will test positive for this if CSF
12.Type of CVA caused by an aneurysm
14.Extensor posturing; Problems within midbrain or pons
17.Change in this is most significant sign of increased ICP
19.Edematous optic disc on retinal exam; Increased ICP sign
20.Position after a seizure
23.PD drug; monitor for dyskinesia uncontrolled movements of arms, legs, tongue,face, eyelids
24.Pharmacologic intervention used for thrombotic or embolic CVA

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