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Peri-op / perianaesthetic Revision

Sue Graham

1 2 3 4      
5                 6  
        7 8   9   10
    11 12                  
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18       19   20   21 22             23        
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  28                     29        
    31                 32            
33                 34  
    35       36       37           38 39
41       42                
43               44         45
48 49    
  50                 51
    53   54      
55         56    

4.Packs counted in groups of ...
5.Leg supports
8.Type of regional procedure for a knee replacement (Init.)
12.Caused by lack of oxygen
13.Tissue that toothed forceps are used for holding
15.Lipophyllic opioid
16.Anaesthetic guidelines (Init.)
18.By product of carbon dioxide & soda lime reaction
20.Disorder of calcium metabolism related to anaesthesia (Init.)
22.Process of destroying microorganisms
26.Area ventilated but not perfused 4,5
28.Potassium's girlfriend
29.Skin suture
30.Concentration of volatile in alveoli (Init.)
31.ST segment depression indicates this
32.Sponge holder
33.Notch seen on arterial line trace indicating aortic valve closure
35.Fluid used to preserve tissue samples
37.Needle used for skin suture
40.Prostaglandin receptor (Abbrev.)
41.Always consider with SPO2
43.Type of sucker
44.Radio opaque gauze
47.Active expulsion of gastric contents
50.Morphine antagonist
52.Peri-operative standards (Init.)
53.Relating to a joint
55.An ion pump
57.Type of airway (Init.)
58.Sympathetic receptor found in lungs and heart
1.Definitive measure for intubation (Abbrev.)
2.Induction agent
3.Used to treat laryngospasm (Init.)
6.Depolarising muscle relaxant (abbrev.)
7.Stae achieved by control of surgical bleeding
9.Prep solution
10.... is the volume of air moved in / out in one breath
11.Large breathing muscle
14.Number of Div 1 RNs required to perform a count
17.ECG lead providing most positive trace
19.A cats paw is one
21.Vasoactive receptor
23.A function of diathermy
24.Lying face down
25.Pressure causing air to flow into lungs
27.Alpha 2 antagonist
34.Opioid receptor
36.Neuro transmitter (Abbrev.)
38.Protective positioning device
39.Circulating nurse
45.Looked for to demonstrate subarachnoid puncture (Init.)
46.Type of diathermy forcep
48.Sterilization removes microorganisms and ...
51.Absorbable suture
54.Minutes requikired for a second scrub
56.Type of surgical scissor

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