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Animal Anatomy

Parker K

Chapter 4 Animal Anatomy Crossword

1 2 3
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    11 12
  13               14    

4.Where bones come together.
6.Vetebrae of the croup or rump, depending on animal species.
7.Vetebrae of the loin.
8.Horny accessory digit of many ruminant animals, i.e. pigs, dogs, cats
9.Vetebrae of the neck.
13.Covering of membrane of Avian species.
15.Process of breaking down food for nutrients.
16.Animals that chew cut, i.e. cattle, sheep, goats and llamas.
17.Refers to the limbs and appendages of the body.
1.Hardest connective tissue and provides structure and form to the body.
2.Refers to the central skeleton, includes the skull and veterbral column.
3.Hard structure that surrounds the mouth of Avian species.
5.Vetebrae of back and attached to ribs.
6.Shoulder blade.
8.Loose skin under the throat and neck of an animal, i.e. cattle and rabbits
10.Connective tissue that can be found on parts of the bone.
11.Pertataining to the skeleton.
12.Pertaining to the lungs, respiratory system.
14.Pertaining to heart and vessals.

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